2 Digit By 2 Digit

Hi my name is Lazer and I am here to teach you about 2 Digit By 2 Digit Math.


































As you can see I have done some examples of how to do 2 Digit By 2 Digit Multiplication. So the first step is to multiply the 1’s digit by the other 1’s digit. Then you put the one digit answer under the line and the 10’s digit (if there is) put that to add on to the 1’s digit by the 10s digit. Then you add the tens from the one by one. Next, on the next line, add a zero. Then times the 10’s digit by the 1’s digit. After that, times the 10’s digit by the 1’s digit. If, for any of them they go past ten, then add the number to the next one. Finally add the two numbers together and you have the answer.

Thank you for reading.

Science Arm Project

Science Arm Project


In science class we worked on a human arm. We built a model out of Toilet Paper Rolls, Balloons, Tape, Markers and a Paperclip. When we had finished building it, when you stretched it out it would contract and when you let it go in it would relax. The three biggest bones in the human arm are: the Humerus, the Ulna, and the Radius. The Humerus is the upper bone in the arm, it goes from the shoulder to the elbow. The Ulna and the Radius make up the bottom half of the arm, the elbow to the wrist. The Ulna is the inner one and the Radius is the outer bone. All together they make up most of the arm. 




I thought that it would flex a little.




The first step was to label one of the paper towel rolls the Humerus. Then, you cut the one in half that is not labeled the humerus and roll both halves up, tape them, and label them the Radius and the Ulna. Then put a flattened paper clip and stick it through all three rolls. Next bend the ends of the paper clip to keep it in place. Next blow up two balloons and tape the sides to the roles. Then, you are done.




The model arm flexed much more than I thought it would flex. Overall, Success. 

Advice for August

Dear Auggie,


I am writing to you on the problem involving yourself and Jack Will. I think a good way to deal with the situation is by telling Jack that you heard him say it. That would probably make him apologize at the least. You could also try making new friends. I think you should ask Mom and Dad about it. They might do something about it.




Second Draft:


Dear Auggie,


I never thought that anyone would do this to you this early on in the school year, sure I thought it would happen but still, not this early. I feel really bad for you. Maybe you could make new friends. Sure it would take time, but one friend later on is better than no friends. You have to be strong. Just imagine it was another surgery, you have had so many. I could never have done that. You should tell mom and dad about this. This is a thing that mom and dad need to know.  Mom and dad would tell your teacher and/or principal. Remember, mom, dad and I are here with you. But we can’t be with you forever.