Public Speaking

Animal Rights


I think that animals should be FREE and not be separated from their family (unless they are sick or something like that). People should NOT control Animals or kill Animals. Animals should pick what they do. To: Ms. Bennett and classmates, I chose to do my public speaking on Animal rights because I think that Animals also deserve to be HAPPY.

Some people say animals are treated fairly.

You might know how some animals are like, trapped in a space. Like in Florida people take animals from the ocean. Those people make them a small habitat and give them a bit of food and water. They say they are treating the animals fairly and being nice. But that is NOT treating them fairly; Animals should be able to Be where they want, they should be able to GO where they want, and to Do what they want.

How to treat animals fairly.

You treat Animals fairly by not putting them in cages or anything like that. There are exceptions of course; like if they are injured. You can also treat them fairly by: letting them stay in the wild unless they are injured or sick.

You should let animals be FREE.

How to let Animals; BE and GO where they want and DO what they want. Here are some examples of how to let Animals BE where they want, GO where they want, and DO  what they want; you have to let them PICK what they want to do, let them CHOOSE what they want, or you can just leave them be. They will want to be FREE, so you should definitely let them. Now for the examples; You let them DO what they want by letting them CHOOSE what to DO. You let them BE where they want by letting them PICK who to BE with. You let them GO where they want by NOT TRAPPING them.That is the difference between a happy Animal and a sad Animal. (you can probably guess which is which).

Animals you should help that are not treated fairly or endangered in some places. Some of the animals that need help are: Alligators, Rhinos, Turtles, Chickens, Cows, Mice, and Fish, and a lot more.


How to help.

Ways to help are: DO NOT trap animals, DO NOT kill animals, feed animals, and let them CHOOSE what they DO. Animals should be treated as EQUALS. And remember there are Animals out there that NEED you.

Thank you.

Persuasive Writing

Why grade 4 should be allowed on the OJCS teams.

I really want the grade fours to be allowed on the sports teams because I really like to play sports.

Point 1: We Would learn how to cooperate and be happier.

We would be way happier because we would get to play with our friends. We would also get to play sports that we like. We would have a lot of fun playing with our friends the sports that we like. It would also help us learn how to be cooperative, so we would learn how to make our friends happy. For example: If someone was sad because they had let in a lot of goals, let them go out of the net. From that you would have learned that they might not like being in the net, or maybe they just don’t like letting in goals, letting in goals might make them feel like they are not good at the sport.


Point 2: We would get more exercise.

We would run a lot more and it would be like Physical Education, except playing one sport the whole time. You might say we get a lot of gym time already. But we really don’t. 3periods a week is not a lot, even if most teachers think it is. Sure recess is like gym but there are also clubs that take away our recess, and we the clubs but it still takes away recess. And recess is only 20 minutes.


Point 3: The teachers would get more break times.

The more we had tournaments the more the teachers would get breaks. And teachers (probably) like breaks. If they don’t, they should. My class does not behave so well so it would encourage us to behave. Proof that we don’t behave is that teachers say that Kindergarten behaves better than us, and they have a bigger class. I really hope that my grade can be on teams.