Natural disasters in Brazil

For the Natural disasters presentation the country I chose Brazil because it is a somewhat poor country and it’s next to the ocean where there are usually tsunamis and hurricanes.


The structures in Brazil are used to rain so I think they have to have a good roof. Also, about once every 30 – 50 years there is a tsunami there And sometimes there are hurricanes.


The houses in brazil are usually built with straw and timber which can keep out rain but don’t do much good against hurricanes or tsunamis.
Brazilian Houses: 9 Examples of Residential Vernacular Architecture | ArchDaily

Descriptive Paragraph

Along the street a dog drooled disgustingly. When the dog moved his head the drool jumped and fell. SPLAT!, went the drool when it hit the ground. All the other dogs were staring at him. You look like a drooling baby, barked one of the dogs. All the rest of the dogs left the street because there was too much drool.

The witch house

The house next to my house always creeped me out, I live on maple street, the house next to me is usually known as the house on maple street. But me and my sister, we have always called it the witch house no address,no nothing. Even though I am 12 and she is 9 we have never met the owner. We think someone lives there though. We have heard yells and laughs from there. I don’t want to know what’s happening inside.


Tonight I decided I would sneak into the “witch house” and see what was there. When I went to bed I used the wood planks I had to make a bridge from my window to the other window. I got in, The first thing I saw, was blood.


I went back to my house, I was too frightened to use the wood planks. I jumped from window to window and rushed to my sister’s room. 


“Emily! Emily!” I yelled. Emily woke up.


 “What is it Fred?” Said Emily.


“Come.” I said quickly. Emily quickly got up and followed me to my room. She saw the wood planks. “What have you been doing?”

 “No time to explain,” I said.” We went from window to window. Emily gasped. 


“Shh” I said. 


We creeped from this room into the hall.


“What is that noise?” Emily said.  


I listened, “Snoring.” I said.


We went down the stairs, following the path of blood. Suddenly the snoring stopped. 


“Hide” I said. 

We ran down the stairs and hid behind a desk. We heard footsteps. We saw her. It was worse than I could ever Imagine.


An old face, only one eye, stitches in a ton of places, I covered Emily’s mouth to stop her from screaming. She moved to a bookshelf and pulled one of the books out. It fell aside and revealed a wand. So we were right, she is a witch I thought, and I could tell Emily was thinking the same thing. 

She drew her wand and yelled, “Coruscare” and the book shelf set on fire…

It revealed a lab…

 “Come on”. I said. And she went in…

We continued after her. Suddenly, without warning she pointed her wand at Emily and yelled “Mittent Retro” and Emily got shot into the wall. I quickly checked the other books too to see if there was another wand. About ten books in a found another wand. I could use it because My grandfather had been a wizard and I had the magic veins. No one else in my family had it. I grabbed it and hollered “Adhæsit” she easily blocked it and screamed “Morietur” I jumped away not to get killed. In my mind I thought Retorquebit and she got suspended in the air upside down. Still in the air, she screeched “Sanguis”. I rejected it and hit Emily. Blood splattered from Emily’s I cured her quickly as I said “Ad Sanandum”.  While I was curing Emily the witch shot me into the wall. My eyes drifted shut. Right before I passed out I saw a sign that showed  a fire rim around something.

The next day I woke up in the hospital. A nurse over my bed. I saw her face and suddenly I panicked. She was holding a knife and was the witch! I checked the bedside table for the wand and I saw it there. Except, it was different. It was snapped.


I yelled as loud as I could when two doctors came in. They saw the witch standing over me holding a knife and  called the security. The witch flew out the window using a charm to keep herself in the air. I ran after her and all the way to my house. I unlocked the door, pulled a new wand out, my own, I yelled, “Cadere” and she fell landing feet first on the top of her house. I pointed my wand at the roof and yelled, “Perdere.” The roof broke and the witch fell all the way to the ground. I did it. She lay unconscious but a walkie talkie fell out of her pocket. I hit a button. Suddenly the witch house lifted into the air…


To be continued