Natural phenomema test


Lab Report Template

Experiment Name: 

Natural phenomema test

By:  Lazer


Purpose (Question we want to answer):

To design and build a structure at least 2 stories high. The natural phenomena I am choosing is a tsunami.

Hypothesis (What do we think will happen?):

I think that the structure will stay in its spot but take a bit of damage.

Materials (What do we need to conduct the experiment?)

  • Clay
  •  Tape
  •  Cardboard
  •  Popsicle sticks
  • Straw’s
Procedure (The steps we took to conduct the experiment from beginning to end)

  1.  Find out what structure you want to make.
  2.  Add the floor and walls.
  3.  Add the second level and stairs.
  4. Add a roof. 
  5. Test if it can hold out from the natural phenomena.
Observations (What did we observe along the way? Record thoughts, sketches etc. here)

I noticed that the rope broke before the bottom. I think that is because I put 2 different types of clay on.