Renewable Energy.

Hi, for the renewable energy project, first I will tell you what I found out about wind energy. Wind energy is a renewable energy source that is made by wind, the wind is helped by the turbines. The wind turbine spins 10 – 20 times a minute depending on the amount of wind. Wind turbines are usually located on top of a mountain or in the middle of a few mountains. Wind is caused by differences in atmosphere and difference in temperature on earth’s surface.Since the air on the land heats up faster than the air on water the water quickly rushes to take its place. In 2011 wind was about 2.5% of the U. S. A. energy.

Our project:

For the wind energy project we had to make a model of a park using renewable energy. Me and my partner did ours on Minecraft. We decided to create our park on water because the wind is stronger on water. Our park had a roller coaster, a diving board, a swimming pool, etc, all powered by wind energy. Our park had wind energy storage and the wind energy that was inside was created by the wind turbines surrounding the park. (Pictures are at the end)

We are adding wind energy to the park because it is waste full when you use some other types of energy and some damage the planet.

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Scientists in the school.

A while ago we had scientists in the school (more or less), scientists in the school is when a scientist comes in to help the teachers teach us and we usually do an experiment. Our session was about the 3 states of matter, Solid, Liquid, and Gas. The goal of the session was to find out what a mystery ingredient was using Baking Soda, Flour, and Epsom Salt. First we did how Baking Soda, Epsom Salt and Flour dissolved in water(all separately). And then,(also separately) what happened when we mixed them with Cabbage Water. At the end, we found out that the secret ingredient was a mix op baking soda and Flour. I enjoyed it because I enjoy science.


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Matter Project Review


For the matter project we had to pick a problem in the world and write things about it.

Now it was limited, we had the option of four different ones. Melting Ice Caps, Oil Tanks, Deforestation, and Plastic Pollution. As you are about to find out, I chose Melting Ice Caps.


Melting Ice Caps:

Melting Ice Caps are caused by global warming. Global warming is made by buildings and factories. I chose this topic because it really affected me. I really love animals and drowning is a horrible way to die. The media text I chose is a commercial. I chose this because I thought it was a good way to teach grades 1 and 2 which the video was for. Doc I made.



I think I did a good job on my commercial and I am proud of it. In this project I enjoyed making the commercial. If I could change one thing I would change the time that I made it and not have put things to the last second. In the future I hope we do another one on a different topic so I could fix the mistakes I made on this one.


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