Innovation Day Reflection

Before my class started working on our Innovation day projects, I was worried, frustrated, and hurt, all because of one reason, and that being no one wanted to be my partner, I still have no clue why. But I put that aside and started the project. I started by making the circuit that we had to make, either adding more bulbs or batteries. I chose to add more bulbs. Then we had to record the amount of amps on the multimeter. Next we had to build a game, I made a kind of jeopardy thing.


Here is a video of my project:

One thought on “Innovation Day Reflection”

  1. I thought you did a super job with this project. I hope I get to see it when we come to your place.

    It’s pretty confusing when no one wants to partner with you. I’d certainly partner with you if I could! You’re one of the coolest people I know. I’m also confused why they didn’t want to partner you.

    I understand about not being wanted, sometimes, in school.. No one ever wanted me on their teams for outdoor sports.. I was always picked last when classmates had to choose teams! I didn’t ask people why, perhaps I should have.
    I think your classmates missed a good partner and a chance to work on a super project with you.

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