In 2057 I think the world will be a lot different.


Things that I think will be different:







Global warming



Why I think they would be different:


I think each of these things will be different because these are things that change overtime, Like cars, there are constantly new types of cars coming out. And for Global warming, I think it will continue to go up.


Thing that I think would be the same or close too the same:







I think these would be the same because these were all close to the same ten years ago. Like trees and flowers don’t really change. And I think weapons are deadly enough right now.

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2 thoughts on “2057”

  1. Hello Lazer!

    I really liked this blog post about 2057, I think the world will be a lot different also. I think maybe next time you should write everything more together and focus on all the other topics you wrote, but I really enjoyed reading this blog post! Do you think in 2057 there will be lightning guns?

    Good job!


  2. This was a very interesting analysis. I especially liked your comment about the weapons. I am in complete agreement that they are deadly enough right now. I hope that soon we will get some wise leaders who managed to destroy all of the very deadly weapons. Well thought out Eliezer!

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