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My opinion on mask wearing is i don’t like them because they sort of make me feel nauseous.


My main experience with mask wearing is at school, at school you have to wear a mask almost every moment. The only few times you are allowed to take them off are, recess, lunch, and snack. And at recess if you want to play with friends you have to wear a mask. But the times when I don’t have to wear a mask feels good. Sometimes it’s nice to have fresh air.


I agree with Dr. Kiltzman when he stated that masks are uncomfortable because i think they  are and it is uncomfortable to be nauseous.


I disagree with Dr. Kiltzman when he stated that: Whatever. We know we should wear them, but we know we’re all OK.”


I think we should wear masks for the safety of yourself and everyone else.


2 thoughts on “Response to Dr. Kiltzman”

  1. Hi Lazer,

    It is important to wear masks. It is too bad that your mask makes you feel nauseous. Has it gotten easier to wear a mask now that we have been at school for nine weeks? I am used to wearing a mask all day but I do enjoy getting fresh air during outdoor play.

    Keep wearing your mask 🙂
    Mrs. Bennett

  2. I’m sorry that the masks make you feel bad. I have problems wearing masks too. I I hope that soon the weather will warm up and you’ll be able to do more school outside and won’t have to wear the mask so much. I hope that soon we’ll all be able to stop wearing them at all.
    I like the way you express your opinions! Well done
    Bubbie Jackie

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