The NHL stands for the National Hockey League, a win is worth two points, a loss is worth zero and an overtime loss is worth one. A game goes into overtime when it is tied after the third period, each period is twenty minutes. Overtime is five minutes and if nobody scored in that time it goes into shootouts. My favourite team is the St. Louis blues. Their Captain is Alex Pietrangelo. The goalie of the St. Louis Blues is Jordan Binnington. He has  made some really good saves. The top goal scorer on St. Louis is Ryan O’Reilly, he got the MVP in the playoffs last year.

 Some other teams I like are: the San Jose sharks, the Nashville predators and the Arizona coyotes, three out of my four favourite teams made the playoffs in 2018-2019. If you win the first round of the playoffs you go into the division finals if you win that you go into the conference final if you win  that you go into the finals and if you win that you win the Stanley Cup. The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup in 2018-2019.

The Stanley Cup has every player on the team’s name on it, the Montreal Canadiens have won 23 and that is the most ever. I think if all the Canadian Cups won were against the cups that the Americans won the Canadians would have more.


 Bye I hope you liked it see you soon.

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  1. Hi Lazer,

    I loved reading this post all about the NHL. Did you watch the Stanley Cup finals on TV this year? Did you know that the real Stanley Cup came to our school one year? All the classes got to have their picture taken with it in the gym. Has the St. Louis Blues always been your favourite hockey team? My favourite team used to be the Montreal Canadiens, now I like the Ottawa Senators. 🙂
    Keep on blogging!
    Mrs. Bennett

  2. Great post Lazer!

    How come your favourite hockey teams are all in the States, and in the Southwest? My favourite team is the San Jose Sharks. I grew up in the town right next door and I remember when they joined the league. My second favourite team in the Las Vegas Knights, because I used to live there.

    You are probably right about the ratio of Canadian vs. American based Stanley Cup winners (although most of the PLAYERS are still Canadian), but I think it has been a LONG time since a Canadian team won it.

    Keep on blogging!


    1. You sure taught me a lot! When I stared watching NHL there were only 6 teams. I don’t think there was the system of 2 points for each game nor so many levels to reach the finals. This was a very interesting read. Thank you Eliezer.

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